Friday, June 3, 2011

Birthday boys!

We had fun celebrating both Jaden's 7th birthday and Noah's 1st birthday over the Memorial Day weekend.

Noah couldn't quite figure out what all the excitement was about - but he was ready for it!

Cousin Carrie was very excited to give presents to Jaden and Noah

Noah thought the whole ripping paper thing was lots of fun!

Here are my sweet birthday boys!

Lael and Jaden couldn't wait until the toy was out of the box before they started teaching Noah how it worked.

Noah's toy camera was a big hit!

Cousin Hanna was carefully observing the whole event - after all, her birthday will be here soon!

And Abby just thought everything was funny!

Ready for his very first cake - ever!

Jaden took care of the candle-extinguishing . . .

. . . but Noah was very much into the eating!

Then it was outside to play - after a wagon ride to the playground.

Ever the monkey!

Lael - queen of the monkey bars!

The big kids also got their first bike rides of the season . . .

. . . for Jaden, it was his first on his birthday bike - AND with no training wheels!

Fortunately, grass is soft to fall on when you're learning!

Time for a "Noah-break"!

A wonderful day to celebrate the precious gifts that are my two wonderful boys!

Happy birthday, Jaden!  God heard my prayer and gave me the gift of YOU!  I love you!

Happy birthday, Noah!  I can't imagine our family without you in it!  I love you!


Anonymous said...

Oh such precious children and grandchildren!!! Happy birthday, Jaden and Noah! Great photos! Love you all!......Betty, AKA Grandma

Dee said...

Happy Be-lated Birthday to the Martin boys! May God continue to bless, guide & protect them! Lots of love xoxo Dee & Familia