Saturday, March 31, 2012

Some end of co-op pics

Noah loved climbing into the exersaucer in the nursery - even though he was way too big!

Just a few pictures from our co-op international dinner . . .
 Lael was dressed up as a young lady from Japan, while Jaden was a Brazilian gaucho.

 Jaden's class singing "Fifty Nifty United States" (Warning - mom brag:  he has memorized all 50 states and can locate them on the map!)
 Certificates for the Primary Class - congratulations, Jaden!
 Lael's class quizzing the parents on Bible geography
 Certificates for the Elementary Class - congratulations, Lael!
 The Fenstermakers (wonderful "adopted grandparents" that my children are blessed to have in their lives) came along to be part of this fun night!

Monday, March 5, 2012

MMK Rally!

This past Saturday our denomination hosted a kids' missions rally - I had taken Lael and Jaden a couple of years ago and decided to go again this year . . . and I'm so glad we went!

We took Janasia, one of Lael's friends from church, along with us - it was her first time attending an MMK (Mission-Minded Kids) rally.  And two of the children's ministry teachers went along as well.  (Noah did too, but he's not in this picture!)
 The day was a wonderful combination of teaching on missions and hands-on activities.
 The kids were also encouraged at almost every stop to think about the talents and abilities they have as well as the things they enjoy doing and consider how they can use those things to change the world for Jesus!
 Here they were given a piece of foil - their task: to make something that represents something they enjoy doing.  Then we talked about how they could use those talents for God.  Jaden made a building (representing his avid interest in LEGOs), while Lael made a musical note (for her passions in singing, playing the piano, worship and dance).
 Throughout the day, the leaders prayed over the children - that they would be the people God made them to be and use the gifts that He has given them to make a difference.
 Of course, lunchtime was a highlight as well - my kids don't often have a "bag lunch" - they loved reaching into their bags to see what else was in there ;)
 The kids also had an opportunity to experience a little bit of different cultures.

The tastes - like chai tea and muk tuk - a tasty treat made from whale blubber (or in this case, Cool Whip) and frozen fruit.  Lael thought that was quite tasty and has requested that I make it sometime soon - the Cool Whip version, not the whale blubber version!
 Jaden thought this hat was the best one he's ever worn . . . too bad we'd have to go to Alaska to get one!
 This game is from the Ukraine - when you move the paddle just right, the chickens peck at the ground in a rhythmic pattern.
 This club was also from the Ukraine . . . used by young men there.
 Jaden wanted me to take a second picture - he said he didn't look mean enough the first time!
 The girls loved the origami station - they learned how to make a puppy (and Lael has made a litter of them since we've been home)!
 We also visited a tribe in Papua New Guinea - complete with a snack of grubs (aka gummy worms) and heard why it's so important to translate the Bible into the languages of people that don't have it yet.
 They even learned a little Bindere in singing "Jesus Loves Me".
 The message of the day was clear . . . God has given each person unique gifts - and our responsibility is to use our gifts to change the world!
 We want to be "lightbulbs" and let the Lord's light shine on through . . . what about you?