Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Noah on the move!

I'm learning how to use the video feature of my camera . . . so thought I'd practice on Noah (he didn't seem to mind at all)!


Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day fun!

Today being Labor Day, it seemed only fitting that we spend it with family enjoying the beautiful outdoors, cooking on the grill, relaxing in the sunshine while our children play quietly at our feet . . . okay, so that wasn't exactly what happened! 

There was no sunshine to speak of (although the rain held off until after the kids got a bike ride in) and quiet play isn't in order when you have six children in the house because it's raining.  But we did have hot dogs cooked on the grill before the rain started and we were with family, which always is a treat!

Lael and Jaden were happy to get some bike riding in . . . they have become quite proficient bikers!
 Side note:  Jaden went on an 11-mile bike ride with Daddy on Friday afternoon - he completed a 5 1/2 mile loop in 51 minutes!
 Noah enjoyed having others his size to play with - like cousin Hanna! 
(And yes, he's already learned to "cheese" for the camera!)
 He also decided to practice standing by himself - and did so for ten or fifteen seconds before reaching for Daddy's hands!  Walking is right around the corner!
 The sliding glass door was a favorite place for little ones today . . . sorry about the fingerprints, Grandma!
And when Noah needed some alone time, he put himself in the toy box . . . not sure why he did, but he seemed to like it there!
The babies all managed to share toys very well, which is pretty impressive considering that Noah is the oldest (at 15 months).  Hanna is about 10 months old and Abby is 11 months old.
When the big kids needed some time in a "baby-free zone", they retreated to the upstairs playroom where they did what else?  Make a blanket fort!
 Grandpa had to brave the rain to entertain the babies on the other side of the sliding glass door - but I don't think he minded very much! :)
 We had lots of fun today!  Thanks for having us, Grandma and Grandpa!
My apologies to Lael and Carrie . . . that they weren't more prominantly featured in this blog post.  They were having so much fun playing together - just in different rooms from where I was taking pictures at the time!