Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fire safety night

We had the opportunity to attend a fire safety night with our homeschool group this past week.  The firefighters at Perseverance Volunteer Fire Station did such a great job!  The kids got to see the equipment on different fire trucks and learned about what situations merited the use of which rescue vehicle.
 You never know when some massive cutters will come in handy!
 Of course, a highlight of any fire station visit has to be climbing into the vehicles . . . pretending to be a firefighter is so much fun!
 Trying on the gear of a firefighter really helped Lael know that the clothes are really heavy and HOT!
 Firefighter Jaden hanging out with a new friend!

 The kids saw a firefighter in full gear so they could see (and hear) what they could expect if they ever were in a situation where they needed to be rescued.
In addition to all that, they even got to fight a house fire (okay, so the fire wasn't real, but the hose was)!
Pictures of that to come ;)

It was a great night!