Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Lael's limericks

This week we've been learning about limericks, and today Lael decided to try her hand at writing her own. This is what she came up with . . .

There was a young man from New York
Who never would eat with a fork.
He slept in a shed
Underneath his big bed,
And the hat on his head was a cork!


There once was a fuzzy old bear
Who decided to go to the fair.
He snacked on a lime
Which he bought for a dime.
Then he headed back home to his lair.

Well, what do you think???

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Nature study

There are so many things I love about homeschooling - and one of the best things (in my opinion) is that we can learn in lots of different environments and settings . . . we aren't confined to the four walls of a classroom. Today was a perfectly gorgeous day, so we headed outside to do a little nature study.

This year in science we are studying animals - using Considering God's Creation as our spine. This week's focus: insects - so after studying the characteristics of an insect, we went outside to observe God's insect creations.

Lael enjoyed drawing what she saw, while Jaden preferred taking pictures.

Daddy even joined us for a bit!

While we were outside, we saw:
  • flies
  • ants
  • two different kinds of butterflies
  • a bumblebee
  • a moth
  • a cricket - although it was dead
Lael and Jaden are already looking forward to our next nature study day!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ahh, muffins!

Yesterday, when he woke up, Jaden said to me, "You know, Mom, tomorrow is September 1st. Don't you think we ought to celebrate or something?" And since I'm always looking for an excuse to celebrate things, I was all for it.

When I asked him how he'd like to celebrate September 1st, his thought was that we should make something to eat that was "fall-ish" . . . and after further discussion, we decided that pumpkin chocolate chip muffins would be just perfect!

So this morning, I made pumpkin chocolate chip muffins for breakfast . . .
(And don't forget to celebrate something every day!)