Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Co-op Speech Meet, Part 2

And here is Lael sharing her poem, a cinquain about the Winter Olympics:

Olympic Games by Lael Martin


Crowded, competative

Skiing, skating, snowboarding

Hoping for a medal


Lael and Jaden, you both did a great job! Mommy and Daddy are so very proud of you!!!

Co-op Speech Meet, Part 1

Public speaking is pretty new to our kids . . . they haven't had much experience with it. So that made this semester's co-op closing exercises more intimidating for Lael and Jaden. Each student was asked to share a poem - Lael and Jaden each shared poems that they had written themselves!

Here is Jaden sharing his poem:

And in case you couldn't make out all the words, here they are:

Seasons by Jaden Martin

I like to play in the cold winter breeze.

In the fall I like seeing the leaves roll off the trees.

In spring I like sitting on the beach.

In the summer I like hiding out of reach.