Friday, June 24, 2011

A Tribute to the Father of My Children

I am so blessed . . . to have such a wonderful man as my husband and father of our children.  I don't know where to begin to share all that he means to me . . . to us.

I have always loved watching him with our babies . . . talking to them, telling them things about the world, telling them how precious they are. 
"I love you!"  
"You're precious!" 
"You're special!"
 He's not one of those dads who sit on the sidelines watching the children do things - but he's right there with them.

 He makes sure to spend time with each of his kids individually . . .
 . . . doing things that they enjoy!
He also loves hanging out with the whole gang - at those times he's got his hands full!
 He loves having fun with them . . . in fact, sometimes he's just a big kid himself! ;)
 He encourages them to try new things - taking baby steps toward bigger things!
Thank you, Brent, for being such a wonderful father - our children are blessed to be able to call you "Daddy"!

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Anonymous said...

Great photos, great Dad, great family!!! Love you!....Mom, AKA Grandma