Thursday, May 26, 2011

What a difference a year makes!

One year ago today, I fell in love . . . all over again . . . with being a mommy.
One year ago today, I held the tiny hand of my third-born child and prayed that God would continue to cradle him in His almighty hand.
One year ago today, I marveled at ten tiny toes.
Over the next seven weeks,
I was able to watch my little boy grow on the outside of my body . . .
. . . and I thanked God daily for the precious gift of his life!
I watched my husband grow as a father of three -
 he's such an amazing daddy!
I saw the joy of my son as he held the answer to his prayers for a baby brother in his arms.
I saw my daughter blossom as a big sister.

When the day finally came for our little blessing to come home,
it was yet another reason to rejoice!

Over the past twelve months, this little guy has grown A LOT
(he must be eating more than just socks) . . .
. . . smiled A LOT . . .
. . . played A LOT . . .
. . . and in general, added so much joy to our lives!

Happy 1st birthday, Noah Matthew! 
You are a gift of peace and rest from God
and we are so thankful that He gave you to us!


Kayla said...

WOW that little one has grown!!! I remember looking at those pics the first time you posted the one of your son holding him and thinking ohh myy goodness how small!! God help it....... HE sure did :)

Diana said...

Happy Birthday, Noah. You are getting so big! Such a cutie!

Patriots of the Republic Academy said...

What a precious post! Your pictures and words are so sweet and tender. Happy Birthday Noah!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, precious Noah! It is so exciting to watch you grow and wonder what God has in store for you! Grandma M.