Friday, October 9, 2009

We had a fun field trip to the fire station with our homeschool co-op group the other night . . . it was an excellent presentation, and the kids got to do some things I never did when the fire department visited our school when I was a kid!

Lael was very glad when we finally got there -- the GPS had a bit of trouble locating the little town fire hall that was our destination (so we were a bit late).
There was a neat display outside of antique fire trucks and fire fighting equipment that Jaden really enjoyed looking at!
After the presentation and a time of Q&A, the firefighters took the kids in small groups to a back room that was completely dark. There they were able to look through a special heat-sensitive "camera" to find where some firefighters were hiding in the room. In case of a fire, fire fighters can use this equipment to find people who might be trapped in a smoke-filled room where it's hard to see anything or anyone.

Then they took the kids outside and gave every child an opportunity to hold the fire hose and spray some water at an old car! This was a definite highlight of the night for both Lael and Jaden! (Sorry that the pictures are so dark -- it was a nighttime field trip).

Here's Jaden with the hose . . .
. . . and here's Lael taking her turn!
When they were done outside, they came back into the fire station -- there were all kinds of gifts waiting for them . . . fire hats, coloring and activity books, rulers, mini flashlights, crayons! They even received certificates for learning about fire safety! What a great field trip!

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