Friday, October 16, 2009

Crossing a river

We are having such fun in our homeschool co-op group! Both kids have a history class -- Jaden's is studying famous Americans with five other "early learners" -- who are preschool and kindergarten age.

As anyone who works with young children knows well, active play is an important part of their day, and the teacher of this history class is excellent at interspersing active play with quiet listening. Two weeks ago, the historical figure the children were learning about was William Penn. The children colored a map of Pennsylvania and traced some of the major rivers. Then, we "crossed" some "rivers" -- otherwise known as a jumprope waving on the floor! They LOVED it!
Yes, that's Jaden in motion! So then this week, when we were talking about George Washington, we had to play our game again -- after all, everyone knows about George Washington crossing the Delaware River ;) Here is "George Washington" leading his troops across the Delaware -- sporting a nifty tricorn hat!
They're all up for the adventure! (And so very cute!)

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