Monday, October 5, 2009

Time for a "new do"

After about a year and a half of growing out her hair, the day finally arrived for Lael to get her hair cut to donate . . . she's been beside herself with excitement ever since I told her I had made the appointment! We decided to go to a real salon (Sweet and Sassy) for this momentous event -- and they made it so special for Lael. Here she is before the stylist got started . . .
Next it was time for my favorite part of having my hair done -- the shampoo!
Then the cutting began! The stylist took off an 8" ponytail that will be sent to a program that makes wigs for cancer patients.
Then the new hairstyle began to emerge . . .

Once the cutting was finished, Lael had her hair styled -- including hair glitter and a spray that smells like vanilla cupcakes (she smells so yummy right now)!
And here's our princess! Isn't she lovely!
And to celebrate, we went out for a sweet treat -- of course!
Lael, you look so beautiful . . . and I'm so proud of you!

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Anonymous said...

Lael looks beautiful! Willow Valley looked like so much fun too...maybe we'll have to take a trip there once our house stuff is over (will it ever be???). Tomorrow we have 12-14 people coming to help us paint. We're hoping to get the majority of the house painted. I. am. excited. :) Missed talking to you this week! Love you.