Saturday, September 19, 2009

Silly Saturday!

I thought I'd share a conversation that I had with Jaden this morning . . .

Jaden: Mommy, where did this come from? [pointing to movie popcorn box]
Me: It's leftover popcorn that Daddy and Lael brought home from the movies last night to share with you.
Jaden: I'll try it, but I don't think I'll like it . . .
Me: Why not? You love popcorn.
Jaden: Yeah, but this is FISH popcorn!
Me: [trying not to laugh] Uh, honey, actually it says FRESH popcorn!
Jaden: Oh, okay!

Cut him some slack . . . he's only in kindergarten, and the R in FRESH sort of looked like an I. And besides, I think it's pretty brave of him to be willing to try "fish popcorn"!


Dee said...

Gotta lovem! Miss you lots & hope all is good and everyone is well xoxo

Brock said...

I'm with Jaden, I wouldn't be very excited about fish popcorn either! :)