Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Great Allentown Fair

Sunday afternoon we headed out to the Great Allentown Fair! It wasn't on our original plans for the weekend, but we were blessed with tickets and the weather was absolutely beautiful, so we just had to be out and enjoy it!

Lael loves animals, so it was no surprise that she would have loved to spend all day petting the different animals. The 4-H area had lots of baby animals in a "petting zoo" type environment, including goats, rabbits, ducklings, a calf and a pony. There was also an incubator with hatching chicks!

Jaden enjoyed the animals too . . . just not touching them! At least not the real ones -- he didn't mind milking this "cow" at all!
Then there were the rides . . . so many to choose from! Lael and Jaden went on this one with Daddy -- it's called the Spider, and they decided when they were done that they didn't want to go on that ride again!
The carousel was much more appealing!

Add in some funnel cake and this was just a perfect day at the fair!

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