Sunday, September 27, 2009

East Coast Conference 2009

We had a wonderful time at In the Light Ministries' annual conference . . . it's always wonderful to go back and enjoy times of worship and encouragement in the Word of God. It's also fun to see friends that we don't get to visit with very often. And we always throw a bit of "vacation fun" in there too! For Lael and Jaden, as long as we stay somewhere with an indoor pool, it's officially a "vacation". So Willow Valley Resort definitely qualified as a vacation spot -- not only was there a pool, but there were three pools and an indoor water playground, complete with a huge water slide!

We spent the afternoons at the pool -- and didn't get out of the pool until we were completely shriveled up!

At the conference itself, Lael really enjoyed the times of corporate worship, especially being able to worship with flags. And of course, both Lael and Jaden were glad to see their "In the Light" friends like Jenesis!

A definite highlight of conference for Lael and Jaden was the visit by Forgotten Friends.
Forgotten Friend's founder, herpetologist, author, photographer, and certified class clown, Jesse Rothacker is actually married to Brent's cousin (just a bit of trivia for you) . . . and he did a fantastic job teaching the kids all about reptiles.

The kids got a chance to be "up close and personal" with some of the reptiles . . .
. . . and some got CLOSER than others!

It was a whirlwind trip, packed full of fun and lots of wonderful memories!

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Jeeves Chubley said...

What a great reptile show! That guy looks like he is so talented. And handsome, too!

Don't forget reptile awareness day is coming up October 21...