Monday, January 26, 2009

Ice sculptures (Part 2)

I know you've probably been waiting so long to find out what happened with our ice sculptures . . . so here they are -- the long-awaited pictures!

These are the "building blocks" - all the colored ice that Jaden and I made!

And here are some of our creations . . .

This was the tallest stack we were able to construct (and manage to take a picture of before it toppled over)
And these are Popper's Performing Penguins on their way to their next performance destination by train!
A couple of things we learned from this activity:
  • It's hard to stack ice blocks if they haven't frozen flat -- and most of ours didn't freeze flat
  • Next time we do this, we need more square and rectangle-shaped blocks for greater ease of building
  • Another "next time" lesson -- color the water in larger quantities, not by putting food coloring into the individual containers -- the ice ended up being too darkly colored and ended up staining our hands
  • Gingerbread ice people break very easily -- this was devastating to Jaden when both of his ice people lost a limb rather early in the play time
  • Mittens or gloves are the proper attire for this particular activity!

While it was a fun activity, it's not one we'll do every day . . . but it definitely added some "color" to our day!

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