Monday, January 19, 2009

Ice sculptures (Part 1)

So Jaden and I had the night together at home while Daddy was at class and Lael was at ballet. What to do? Well, make colored ice cubes, of course! ;-) Thanks to Candace, another homeschooling mom, for this fun idea!

We filled all sorts of small containers with water and then used food coloring to tint the water. (And it was a fun way to review primary and secondary colors at the same time!)

When we were done, we took all the molds out to the back porch so they could freeze overnight. Then tomorrow we will actually use these colored ice cubes to build sculptures. We even made some "people" to go along with whatever we create.
We definitely needed something fun -- it's been too long of a stretch of really cold weather - but not much snow to enjoy. I decided that if this winter means ice all the time, we needed to find a way to enjoy it.

Please stay tuned to see what amazing creations Lael and Jaden come up with! I can hardly wait!