Sunday, April 20, 2008

A Day Apart!

Saturday, I had the privilege of participating in "A Day Apart" -- a ladies' day retreat sponsored by our church's denomination. Along with 15 other ladies from our church, I was able to take part in a wonderful time of worship, fellowship and encouragement in the Word. What a refreshing day!

The worship leader (and guest musician) was Frances Drost -- check out her website at -- it was obvious that she is passionate about worshipping God and leading others into His presence as well. The speaker for the day -- Brenda Gay Shumaker (her website is -- had us laughing and crying throughout the day. She was an interior decorator for 25 years, and now has a speaking ministry as well as a radio broadcast where she combines her background in decorating with challenging people to design their lives according to the Word of God.

In one of the sessions, Brenda took us through a house and paused in different "rooms" to encourage us in how we could apply principles from that room to our lives in order to be the women that God has called us to be. From that session, there were a couple of rooms that God impressed on me to be more purposeful in focusing my attention in the coming weeks and months . . .
  • Children's bedrooms -- I want to be purposeful in praying over them consistently, especially prayers that come from the Bible. Years ago, when our oldest was just a baby, I read a book called How to Be a God Chaser and a Kid Chaser by Tommy Tenney. In that book, I remember that he gave Scripture passages for a parent to pray over their children. I let someone borrow that book and never got it back, but I think I want to try to track it down. In the meantime, I want to begin a list of areas to pray for each of my children along with verses of Scripture to go along with each one.

  • Kitchen -- The kitchen is a place of nourishment . . . I want to grow in being purposeful about the kind of spiritual nourishment that I seek for myself, as well as helping my children learn how to "taste and see that the Lord is good". Just like I put thought into planning our meals, I need to give thought as to what the spiritual diet is in our home and plan appropriate "meals".

  • Family room -- I really want to see our family be a light to those around us, to show the love of God to our neighbors and those with whom we come in contact each day. Our speaker challenged me by saying that we never know what God wants to use to draw someone else to Himself. I want to be a vessel that God can flow through to touch others.

In this, like so many other things that God is teaching me this year, the key is being PURPOSEFUL -- making deliberate choices to do what God is calling me to do and be the person He made me to be. It's not always easy . . . I can become lazy and apathetic, but that doesn't change what God is saying. I just need to change my response; I need to be PURPOSEFUL!

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