Monday, April 21, 2008

But that's what mothers do!

My dear, sweet son and I were having a conversation this afternoon about why he doesn't need to change his clothes fifteen times a day! (Okay, so this was only the third outfit he wanted to put on today! And in his defense, I just got out his summer clothes this weekend, so there were some "old favorites" that he hadn't seen in a LONG time!)

Anyway, back to our conversation . . . I tried to explain to him that by wearing multiple outfits each day, it makes extra dirty laundry for Mommy to do (which is extra work). Without missing a beat, he said, "But that's okay, Mom . . . that's what moms are 'apposed to do!"

After saying that, he marched out to the backyard with his sister to play, and I was left to ponder the reality of that statement. There are so many things in the course of a day that I just "do" because that's what mothers do. And even though I may grumble momentarily about the influx of laundry created by a little boy with both a desire to "look sharp" like his daddy

and an inexplicable passion for climbing any and everything, jumping in mudpuddles and other equally messy things,
I wouldn't trade my mommy "to do" list for anything in the world. I am so very blessed to do all the things that mothers do for my two precious gifts from God. Thanks, Jaden, for that reminder!

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