Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My favorite room in the house!

Here it is!
What is it, you ask? It's our homeschool room/playroom! I love it because it gives the kids a place to play without us tripping over toys all day long (like we used to do) and it's a fun place to learn and discover new things. Here . . . you can take a look!

These are the stairs leading up to the playroom (it's on the 3rd floor).
We can practice counting by 2s or by 5s if we want!

This is our art gallery -- it's on the wall outside our classroom! Lael and Jaden made the frames, and the exhibits change often as our resident artists are inspired!

One reason I love this room is that we have so much storage space! Almost one entire wall is shelving, plus we have bookshelves and closet storage as well!

Here is the nerve center for Mommy! Our calendar and filing cabinet with my teaching resources, as well as crates with the materials we are using for the current unit, help to keep me organized!

I have a couple of little geography buffs, so we had to have maps easily accessible so we could find the answers to "Where is that, Mommy?"
And this is one of the children's favorite features: a cozy reading area -- it even has books within arms reach! What more could you ask for?
Now that you've had a tour, don't you want to come to school at our house? Feel free to stop by anytime!


Linda said...

Your school room looks great!

Welcome to the blogring. :)

Heather said...

Great room Lisa!

Heather W (FIAR)

Jen said...

I love your room!
Jen in OK (FIAR)

Anonymous said...

Lisa, thanks for sharing your blog with me! :) I love your school/play room! We have one of those too and I love having a separate place for all the "kid" stuff. I had to tell you that I LOVE the numbers going up the stairs to practice counting!! Great idea! No stairs in my house, but I might have to incorporate that idea in some other way! :)