Saturday, May 19, 2012

Science Fair Fun!

One of our final co-op activities of the year is the annual SCHOLA science fair.  This is the second year that Lael and Jaden participated in the science fair, and although the days leading up to the science fair are always filled with a flurry of activity, it's always a fun night!

This year we had a special guest - Mr. Frank DeFreitas (he's a member of our church) - who shared with us about holography . . . amazing stuff!
 At the cafe, kids could choose a cookie by naming an element (or just picking their favorite color)!
 We've been studying the human body this year, so Lael and Jaden each chose to do a "display of knowledge" about something relating to the human body.

Lael's project was on nutrition and digestion:
One of the co-op moms was the judge who talked with Lael about her project.
 Great job, Lael!
 Jaden's project was on muscles . . .
 . . . and here he is with his judge.
Great job, Jaden!
 Noah spent a lot of time in his stroller at the science fair so that he couldn't do any damage!  But he still had lots of fun - he especially liked looking at the goldfish that was at one student's display . . . and he ate lots of popcorn at the cafe!
 What a fun night!  Congratulations to all who participated!

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Grandma Betty said...

Great projects, Lael & Jaden! And a good learning experience, I am sure!