Saturday, September 13, 2008

Jaden's first soccer game!

Here's our soccer-playing Jaden, ready for his first game!
"Miss Pat" gave us a ride (Daddy had another commitment this morning), so she and Lael were Jaden's cheering section, while Mommy was the game photographer!
Before the game, Jaden did some drills -- including the one where you have to dribble between the cones which requires ALOT of concentration!
Then it was time for the game -- or at least the time when all the kids ran around the field chasing the ball ;). Jaden's team is the Sharks -- GO SHARKS!
Jaden's team played very well, in between water breaks. And in the final seconds of the game, Jaden scored his first goal! We all were SOO excited and Jaden was so proud! He got high-5s from everyone on his team, as well as the coach. (This is the same Jaden that had more fun pulling up the grass and dropping it on his teammate's head at practice on Monday.) But he was in the game today!
Great job, buddy!