Thursday, September 11, 2008

Catching up with us!

It's been a while since I posted any pictures of the goings-on here at GodSeekers Academy, so here you are . . .

We went peach picking the end of August . . . picked 26 pounds of peaches and enjoyed them immensely!

Jaden thought he was in a jungle when he stood underneath the branches of the trees.

Lael was a fantastic peach-picker!

August also saw the start of soccer for Jaden! He has been so excited ever since we talked to him about playing! (And he's counting down the days until his first game this coming Saturday!)
Here he is practicing his dribbling . . .

. . . and trapping the ball!
We got to spend time with family on Labor Day . . . the kids enjoyed taking a break from the activities to read with Uncle Brock!
But there was also time for playing baseball with Daddy!
Jaden hit a couple of "home runs"! Yay!
And this week Lael started ballet and tap class! It's at the same place where Jaden has soccer, and we are so very excited for all she will learn this year. She even gave us all a dance class on Tuesday at lunch time to share what she had learned. She is practicing her steps and reading all she can about dance.
Well, hopefully that catches you up a bit on what's been going on here . . . never a dull moment, that's for sure!


Brock said...

Mmmm, this post put me in the mood for peaches. We had a great time with you guys on Labor Day!

Phyllis said...

Gosh, seeing that photo of Lael in her leotard and tap shoes brought back wonderful memories of when I took dance lessons. I miss those days of team work, memorizing dance steps and performing in dance recitals all dressed up in sequins on a stage under hot lights in front of hundreds of smiling people. I thank God for giving me such a talent. It's been fun!