Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Our new poll!

Okay, we need your help once again! As part of our unit on the Olympics, we are conducting a poll to find out what Olympic sport is your favorite to watch. Here are the options:



You can also choose OTHER -- and vote for a sport not listed above.

How to vote? It's easy . . . just post a comment on this blog entry with your vote. (If you have trouble leaving a comment, you can also send me an email.) Please note that your comment may not appear immediately as I preview all comments to my blog before posting them.

So get your votes in (one vote per family member, please) by WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 20TH AT 11:59 PM! I will post the results in a subsequent blog post! Thanks for your help!


"T" Cry-dog said...

I'm first!!!!!..... I enjoy watching olympic basketball. It just beat out swimming on a last 2nd three.

Jennifer said...

Hi, I'm Jennifer and I saw your request on the FIAR Forum.

From the choices listed, I'd choose gymnastics.

Post your results on FIAR to please!! Thanks, Jennifer

Jennifer said...

Hi, I'm Jennifer (in VA) and I saw your request on the FIAR Forum.

From the choices listed, I'd choose gymnastics.

Post your results on FIAR to please!! Thanks, Jennifer

Anonymous said...

Gymnastics (with diving and swimming a close second/third)

Aunt Cherie said...

Track & Field!!!

Carolyn Morrow said...

I love swimming - especially Michael Phelps! I also love Men's and Women's gymnastics, diving, and baseball. Mostly so far I have only seen swimming and gynmastics, and a little diving.

Anonymous said...

Gymnastics in our house

Michele Carls said...

OK, So I realy do not get to see much of the Olympic coverage, but I am finding myself drawn to the swimming and Gymnastics....As a matter of fact its 12:06am and I am watching both the Gymnastics and the womens swim relay right now....:-)

Brock said...

I've probably enjoyed swimming the most this year.

Lisa said...

Lael says, "Thanks for voting!"

Tricia said...

From mom - gymnastics
From dad - swimming
From Michael - swimming
From Elizabeth - equestrian
From Katie - swimming

Paige said...

I saw your post on the FIAR forums. I like to watch diving the best.

In my house there is another vote for diving, a vote for gymnastics and a vote for swimming.

Looking forward to seeing the results of your poll!
Paige (aka Angela Paige from FIAR)

Carol Mickley said...

Brian chooses weightlifting. While gymnastics is usually my favorite, this year, I'll have to say SWIMMING. The Michael Phelps story is so engaging.


Anonymous said...

I like the diving the best. Especially the synchronized diving. Except I am always afraid they might hit their heads when they do those fancy flips...

Auntie Jenn

Anonymous said...

i'd say either men's volleyball or gymnastics are my favorite

Michele said...

Hi Lisa,
What great fun! I think my favorite is gymnastics!
Michele NJ (from the FIAR boards)