Saturday, August 16, 2008

Our day of Olympic fun!

We are halfway through our unit on the Olympics and China. Our focus thus far has been the Olympics; the next two weeks will be spent learning about China. Yesterday we had all kinds of fun! After school, we headed off to a local Chinese buffet for lunch . . . yummy! I thought it would be fun to try using chopsticks while we were there -- something Lael and Jaden have never tried before. Well . . . they LOVED it! All four of us actually ate our entire meals using only chopsticks (and fingers - for things like egg rolls)!

Jaden actually caught on quicker than the rest of us!
(Although he had a rather unique grip on his chopsticks at times.)
Lael enjoyed using her chopsticks, but made sure we knew
that she didn't want to use them for dessert (ice cream)!
Even Daddy played along! Mommy and Daddy realized that
we would eat a lot more slowly if we used chopsticks all the time.
Hmmm . . . maybe we should give that some more thought!
Lael and Jaden both tried a lot of different kinds of Chinese food that they hadn't previously . . . I guess eating with chopsticks makes you more adventurous!
In the evening, we had planned to kick back and watch some of the Olympics coverage. So the kids and I made a special treat to enjoy -- a cake decorated to look like the Olympic flag! (I can't take credit for this one -- I got the idea from Candace's blog . . . she's a fellow homeschooler with Five In a Row, the curriculum that we use. Anyway, during our school time, the kids helped me make the cake.
Then after supper we iced it . . .
Next came the fun part . . . adding M&Ms that are colored the same colors as the Olympic rings on the flag. Our local grocery store has a place where you can pick what colors of M&Ms you want from about 20 or 25 different colors.
Mommy drew the rings lightly with a toothpick in the icing,
and then we placed the M&Ms accordingly.
And here's the finished product! What do you think?

Oh, and by the way, it was delicious! We love learning at our house!


Michele said...

What great fun! We plan on making our Olympic cake later this week! We've really been enjoying this unit.

Tricia said...

Oh, that looks like so much fun! I think maybe we'll have to try the Olympic cake for the closing ceremony!

Anonymous said...

I love the cake!
The Chinese food looks really good, too!

Thanks for sharing!
ivy from FIAR

Brock said...

These pictures put me in the mood for Sesame Chicken! The cake looks good too! :)