Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Reflections on July 10, 1999

July 10, 1999 . . . a day that changed my life forever! It was the day I became Mrs. Brent Martin -- one of the happiest, most longed for and prayed for days in my life!

It's hard to believe that we are on the eve of our tenth year of marriage, yet it's even harder to remember what life was like when we were single. Being married to Brent is such a gift, and every day I'm more and more thankful that I am so privileged to walk through this life with him.

I remember sitting alone in my apartment on East New Street after our rehearsal dinner nine years ago, spending time with God and just thinking and praying, so excited for what the future was going to hold, so looking forward to not having to say "goodbye" any more, but just "good night". I was going to be a wife -- not that I had a clue what that would be like, but I was looking forward to the adventure!

Our wedding day was absolutely perfect -- a celebration of our God and His awesome work at bringing the two of us together. We led worship together at our wedding, received words of exhortation from our pastor as well as two of our mentors . . . I even surprised Brent by singing a song to him! It was an amazing day that so reflected us!

It's fun to reminisce . . . but I know that the best is yet to come! Thank you, God, for the precious gift of our marriage, and I pray that we will continue to walk together in love as we raise our children in You and seek to touch those around us with Your love!

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Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary Lisa (and Brent)!

You looked so beautiful!

xoxo, Jenn