Friday, May 2, 2008

National Day of Prayer, Part 3

Well, the National Day of Prayer has passed for 2008, but I wanted to share our special "prayer shields" (thanks to the moms on the Five in a Row boards for this idea):

Here are my little "prayer warriors in training" holding their shields . . .

Jaden says, "I like my prayer shield.
It's special to me because it has pictures of people that I love."

Lael says, "I'm going to use my prayer shield to remember to pray for other people, like my grandparents, the president and people around the world that need to know Jesus."

This is a close-up . . . with room to add more pictures!

Even though the National Day of Prayer has passed for this year, I know that God has stirred within our family a new focus on prayer -- and that's exciting!

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