Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I just love moments like these!

This is actually a common occurence in our home these days . . . with a big sister who loves to read and a little brother who loves being read to, it's almost a perfect match. Why almost? Well, there are times when little brother joins in on the book after big sister has already begun reading and he wants her to start all over again from the beginning . . . but like I said, it's almost perfect!

Despite the occasional debates, reading together is an activity that my two precious children enjoy doing together. Fortunately, they also still love it when Mommy or Daddy read to them. We just began reading a new set of read-alouds by Thorton W. Burgess. I remember reading these books when I visited my grandparents as a young child. They are all about different woodland animals and their adventures, and it has amazed me the little lessons of morality and character that are woven into virtually every chapter! We are currently reading The Adventures of Buster Bear (which has a copyright of 1916!) -- I have so enjoyed being able to introduce my little ones to such wonderful books which I remember fondly from my childhood.

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