Sunday, April 27, 2008

Bible study (chapters 5 & 6)

The past two weeks in our ladies' Bible study we've been looking at what it means to have intimacy with God and then how that should affect our lives as we grow in that intimacy. Here are some of the things that God is challenging me with . . .

Conscious repentance leads to unconscious holiness.
(Oswald Chambers)
My relationship with God should be characterized by conscious, continual repentance of the things that I have allowed in my life that break the heart of God. As I continue to draw near to God, I should become more and more like Jesus. My life needs to be a reflection of the One who loved me and gave Himself for me.

"If Christians lived according to their faith,
there would be no more Hindus left in India."
(Mahatma Ghandi)

This one really hit me! This did not come from a Christian missionary making an observation. This was from a great leader from India . . . he was curious about the idea of Christianity, but when he met Christians, he was disappointed. He saw too many people who claimed to be followers of Jesus and yet their lifestyles did not match up with their claims. How many people have I disappointed because I failed to live what I say I believe?

Here's a story that Joanna Weaver used in Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World that really captures the essence of what God is speaking to me right now:
The story is told of a young boy who approached an evangelist after a revival tent meeting. "Excuse me, sir?" the little boy said politely. "You said everyone should ask Jesus into their hearts, right?"

"That's right, son." The evangelist squatted down so he could looke the boy in the eye. "Did you ask Him in?"

"Well, I'd like to," the boy said, shuffling dirt with the toe of his shoe before returning his gaze to the evangelist. "But I got to figurin' . . . I'm so little and Jesus is so big -- He's just gonna stick out all over!"

"That's the point, son," the evangelist said with a smile. "That's the point."

That's the point . . . I want every aspect of my life to be touched by Jesus -- He's the only One who can bring lasting change in my life. And I want to live in such a way that Jesus "sticks out all over"!

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Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed reading your thoughts on this book, I would like read it at some point. Thank you for sharing! :)