Saturday, September 29, 2012

  We went apple picking with some of our co-op friends this week - anything is more fun when done with friends (and apple picking is fun to begin with)!

Jaden pushed the cart to the part of the orchard we would be picking in.

Noah definitely enjoyed his first trip to the apple orchard :)
Jaden inspecting the cart to see how much room we had left.
The final two apples for our baskets!
Lael shared the pushing job with Mom on the way back - being very careful not to spill any of our beautiful apples!  We picked two varieties - Jonagold (the ones closest to Lael) and Empire.
A lovely afternoon at the orchard!
I'm already thinking of all the tasty treats we will make!


Betty said...

Looks like a GREAT afternoon in the orchard!

Lisa said...
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jaden said...

it sure was

-jaden martin