Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Pennypacker Mills

Last week we experienced a piece of Pennsylvania history when we visited Pennypacker Mills in Schwenksville, PA.  This estate was the summer home of Gov. Samuel W. Pennypacker, who served as governor of Pennsylvania from 1903-1907.
We visited in conjunction with "History Adventures in the Summer", a hands-on history program by Pennypacker Mills.  The theme on the day of our visit?  The General Store - and we had so much fun!
The staff gave the kids a general overview of the general store - where things were located and what kinds of merchandise could be purchased - as well as sharing a snapshot as to what life was like at the turn of the 20th century.

 After some instructions, each child grabbed a basket and a shopping list and were turned loose to shop!

 There were all kinds of tasks - like weighing out dry beans . . .
 . . . and cool things to see, like this telephone.
 Noah watched all the big kids scurry around from the comfort of his stroller.
 One favorite activity:  grinding grain by hand into flour.  (My kids were thankful that we have an electric grain grinder at home!)
 Even Noah got in on a bit of the grain grinding action!
 Noah was quite entertained by the "horse" (made of wood) tied to a hitching post - he couldn't understand why the hitching post wouldn't "let go" of the rope when he asked it to! ;)
 Lael and Jaden also tried their hand at using a pen and ink to write . . . then decided that they'd stick with pencils for their schoolwork!

 After they completed all the tasks on their shopping list, they went to the front counter - Jaden wasn't quite sure how to take the general store clerk . . . she talked to him like he was a boy of that time period!
We also got to tour the governor's home but have no pictures (none were allowed inside).
It was a fantastic field trip . . . and a wonderful glimpse into what life was like 100 years ago!

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Grandma Betty said...

Wow, a very cool field trip! I am sure you enjoyed it and appreciate the comforts and conveniences of 2012!