Thursday, April 5, 2012

Today Lael, Jaden and Noah received special packages in the mail with Easter surprises from Nana and Papa. 

Noah was quite taken with the wrapping paper concealing his gift . . . it took him a while to decide whether or not he would tear it off the present :)
But when he did, he was delighted by the little pets that were waiting for him inside!  He especially loved the puppy . . . he gave it LOTS of kisses and hugs!

 Once Noah understood that there were fun things waiting underneath the wrapping paper, he wanted to help brother open his gift also.
 Jaden is very excited about his butterfly garden . . . he can't wait to order his caterpillars!
 Lael's gift was a beautiful bracelet - she was intent on reading the inscription as I took this picture.
 After taking this picture, I had to put the camera down so I could assist her in putting her bracelet on!
Thank you, Nana and Papa, for these special surprises! 
We love you!

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Grandma Betty said...

So much fun! Happy Easter, everyone!!!