Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A typical school day (whatever that is) . . .

Thought I'd share a little glimpse of a "typical" day at God Seekers Academy - although anyone who has homeschooled (or parented, for that matter) knows that there's no such thing as a "typical" day.  Every day is a unique experience, ordained by God!

Noah has decided that he loves coloring with the new crayons he got for Christmas - they are triangular so they don't roll off the table.
 It's a bit early to tell, but I think he's another righty . . .
 Jaden much prefers helping Noah with his "schoolwork" - I guess coloring with a little brother is more interesting than practicing subtraction with borrowing ;)
 Both Lael and Jaden are using Horizons math this year - it is a very comprehensive program . . . although I was a bit unprepared for introducing algebra already!
 One thing both kids look forward to is geography - they just love learning about different places in the world!
Add in some Bible, language arts, science, history, read-alouds and phonics to round things out . . . we're keeping busy - and loving it!

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Betty said...

Lisa, with home schooling, you are probably never bored! Looks like your kids are getting a top notch learning experience!