Friday, February 10, 2012

Is it really February???

There haven't been too many times that I can remember taking the kids to the park in February - but this has been a unique winter!

This park trip was exciting for all of us - because Noah was big enough to do more than just sit in a baby swing or nap in the stroller!  Jaden had fun introducing him to all the cool "little kid" places to climb (while keeping him away from the cool "big kid" climbing spots) . . .

 They enjoyed going down the slide together.
 . . . and Jaden showed Noah how to hang upside down - so he'd know what to do when he gets bigger!
 We thoroughly enjoyed our dose of Vitamin D straight from the sun!

 Noah loved having so much space to explore . . . but he kept the rest of us on our toes!
 One of Lael and Jaden's favorite things to do at this particular park is to climb to the top of the climbing rock and relax in the sun!

 What is it about slides that compel children to try to climb UP the slide?  No one even had to show Noah that climbing up the slide was a possibility, but that was what he wanted to do!

 Jaden wishes we had trees he could climb in our backyard so he wouldn't have to wait for park trips to get his tree-climbing fix in!
 Of course, Noah still wanted to ride on the swing for a little while - and there's always someone willing to push him!
What a fun time we had!
I hope it doesn't mean we'll be snowed in . . . in April!

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Betty said...

Yes, awesome weather for winter, and oh, looks like you had so-o-o much fun!