Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Family times at Christmastime

One of the things we always look forward to at Christmastime is spending time with family.  In this case, it was the annual family dinner with Daddy's paternal grandmother and the extended family.

The matriarch of the family is Great-Grandma Irene (pictured here with her husband Clarence) . . . she is such a blessing to all of us!
Opening a gift is quite exciting for little ones (and bigger ones)!

 And one of the things that Jaden remembered about this particular family gathering is that there was an air hockey table there . . . he was anticipating some fun times playing!

(Noah wanted to be part of the action too - he thought he'd help keep score!
 They played the "double-puck" version of air hockey.

 After lots of running around, Noah needed a bit of quiet time with Grandma playing with a puzzle game.
 Ooops! Caught Jaden exploring the inner workings of an upright piano . . . he was quite fascinated by all of it!
We are so thankful for our family . . .
and are glad that we can at least get together once a year!

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Betty, AKA Grandma said...

Yes, getting together at the holidays is very special! Looks like the grands found fun things to do!