Saturday, August 20, 2011

Our first "box day"

Although we've been homeschooling since 2006, most of our curriculum has been gathered "bits and pieces", so we've never had the excitement of opening up a box which contained our school year . . . until this year!

The waiting was almost unbearable, so when the box arrived everyone was thrilled!
I had to convince Jaden to stop hugging the box so I could open it and see what was inside!
 Lael was beaming because she knew there were new books inside!
 Even before Jaden and I finished checking to make sure we had all the items on our packing list . . .
 . . . Lael had already found something that caught her eye and was off in another world!
Looks like another exciting, learning-filled year at God Seekers Academy!

(Special thanks to Jaden for his assistance with the photos for this blog post!)


Marcy said...

Box days are always fun! Ours is usually divided into a box from here, another from there, but still very exciting.

Enjoy your year with Sonlight! Which core are you doing?

Grandma Betty said...

Lael & Jaden, I think you enjoy reading as much as I do! Can't believe it is time to start school again!

Lisa said...

Marcy, we are doing Core B+C, which is a one-year world history overview. I have loved our years with Five in a Row, but my kids were needing something different, and I needed help with the planning end of things, so Sonlight seemed to be a perfect fit! We are enjoying it so far! (Of course, we'll still be visiting HSS often because we love lapbooking too much!)