Saturday, February 12, 2011

Christmas 2010 highlights

Yes, I know that it's almost Valentine's Day . . . I guess I'd better get these pictures posted! (At least it's still winter, right???)

Here's the gang on Christmas morning

One of our Christmas traditions is reading the Christmas story from a book that we got for Lael her very first Christmas - when she was one week old in the NICU. We've read it every year since - but this year Jaden read it to the family . . . he did a fabulous job!

Lael's big gift this year - a wardrobe for her American Girl dolls and all their clothes and accessories.

Jaden's big gift - this really cool castle LEGO set!
Noah was just taking it all in . . . at one point he wiggled off my lap and into the trash bag - I think he did it just to get some attention ;-)

(By the way, his big gift - a high chair, just so you don't think we forgot about him.)

Christmas Day was spent putting LEGOs together - at least for Daddy and Jaden! We also had a yummy dinner of white garlic lasagna and watched Toy Story 3 . . . fun all the way around!

We weren't able to get together with Grandma and Grandpa until mid-January due to winter weather and sickness, but when we did it was a laid-back, relaxing day . . . even had some reading time!

Both Lael and Jaden were excited to receive slippers, Odyssey CDs, and especially books!

Noah's present was pretty fun too! It was a great day!
We're still waiting for some "cousin time" - we didn't get to see any cousins this Christmas - and we need a good visit with Nana and Papa too! But we are so thankful for the family time we had and the sweet memories that were made.
Thanks for coming to earth as a baby so that we could have abundant life!

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Anonymous said...

Fun Christmas memories! Enjoyed the day with you! Wow, how your children are growing! Love you!...Betty, AKA Grandma.