Thursday, May 27, 2010

Family pictures!

Here's our first family picture - as a family of five!
Lael and Jaden were so excited to meet baby Noah!
Lael was fascinated with the tiny diapers, while Jaden was curious about all the tubes and wires that were attached to his little brother.
Both of them are so proud to be the "big" kids of the family!
Mommy was just thankful to have all three of my children together in the same room!
I soaked up lots of hugs from Lael and Jaden.
Aunt Cherie came up for the day to spend time with Lael and Jaden -
and then she met Noah too!
Lael and Jaden enjoyed playing with Aunt Cherie and cousin Carrie! They also had fun shopping for gifts for their brother. And they were so surprised to find out that Noah had gifts for them too! How did he know how much Jaden loves legos . . . or that his big sister needed a new bike helmet? He's going to be a great little brother!


Diana said...


Terri Young said...

Hello Lisa! What an awesome website! I loved seeing all of your pictures - it made me feel like I was there and could be a part of your celebration. And what awesome parents you are! What a great idea to have Noah give presents to his brother and sister. That puts a happy thought in their mind about their brother coming into this world. You are so blessed and I am so thankful that God has been so good to you. I hope all is well with you and you're getting all the rest you need. I have to say that I will be glad when you can be back in fellowship with all of us. I miss you! Love you, Terri

Brock and Becca said...

Looks like a fun get-together, we can't wait to meet him!