Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Time in Concord

After a good night's sleep and a yummy breakfast, we were off for adventures with Aunt Jennifer, Ava, Bella and Nana. Our first stop was the park, where we could have played for hours!
Jaden was the lone boy of this adventure . . . but that didn't stop him from climbing on absolutely everything he could possibly find!
Here are the three girl cousins (Bella, Lael and Ava) --
can you tell that they are related?
Jaden enjoyed making music here -- he kept trying to figure out how to play "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star"
Two little monkeys hanging upside down! ;)
He's just happier with his feet off the ground!
After working up quite an appetite, where else would you go but Friendly's? (And yes, we did eat something besides ice cream!)
Back at Aunt Jennifer's, we had time for playing dress-up (the girls were princesses, but Jaden found something he enjoyed more)
playing outside and in -- especially once it got too hot!

It was so wonderful to have more than just a couple of hours of playtime with Ava and Bella! The one thing we missed was seeing Matt (the oldest of all the cousins . . . he was away while we were visiting) -- and we would have enjoyed seeing more of Uncle Eric, but he said he had to go to work! Poor guy . . . he missed out on all the fun!

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