Saturday, July 18, 2009

A day full of "firsts"

As we continued our wonderful New England vacation, we travelled to Maine for what proved to be a day full of "firsts" -- starting with the first time Lael and Jaden ever visited Maine! It was also the first time that any of us had been to "Uncle Furry" and Auntie Kim's house . . . which is so beautiful!

One of the most special parts of this time was the fun we had playing with little Ashley -- Lael and Jaden's cousin . . . how cute is she!
When we got to Uncle Furry and Auntie Kim's house, we headed out to spend the day at the lake. First on the agenda . . . a boat ride (another "first"). Jaden got suited up and was ready to go!
Lael wasn't sure at first about the boat . . . it was going pretty fast and it was hard to keep your eyes open initially.
However, she soon got used to it!
Jaden, on the other hand, had no trouble adjusting! He absolutely loved every bit of it!
After riding for a while, Uncle Furry gave each of the kids another "first" - first time driving a boat! They both did a great job! Jaden really enjoyed having time to hang out with Ashley . . .
. . . as well as with his sister!
Then it was off for yet another "first" -- first time to go fishing!
Fishing takes a lot of patience, as well as the ability to be quiet . . . both things that Lael is very good at.
However, it was Jaden who ended up catching the first fish! (As well as the only fish to be caught by a kid . . . seems that the fish weren't really biting while we were trying to catch them!)
Uncle Furry is an awesome fisherman . . . and even he only caught one fish! Despite our lack of success, it was an awesome experience . . . Jaden got lots of practice casting -- and he "caught" more than a few tree branches in the process!
Finally, it was time for the last "first" of the day . . . a ride with Uncle Furry on the jet ski! Jaden, ever the adventure-seeker, had his ride using the "fast key" -- and loved every minute of it!
Lael, on the other hand, was content with the "slow key" . . . but she also enjoyed the trip!
They even got Mommy and Nana to take rides with Uncle Furry (sorry, no pictures of that particular part of the adventure were available at the time of publication of this blog entry)
It was an amazingly busy, fun-filled, memory-making day! And yes, two little people slept very well that night!

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