Friday, July 10, 2009

10 years ago . . .

. . . a young woman and a young man
became one in marriage!
Here's a peek into my journal . . . dated July 10, 1999:

Yay! It's finally here! I can't believe it! I'm so excited, yet so calm. I am eagerly anticipating what today holds, yet feeling like I'm living someone else's life. But it's true . . . I am marrying the love of my life today - my friend, confidante, buddy - my life's partner. I don't want to go another minute of my life alone; I know for me what the Bible says is true: It's not good for man (or woman) to be alone. . . .

Father God, I love You! And I love this gift You have given me to treasure! Today I celebrate Your work!

And ten years later, the celebration continues!

Happy 10th anniversary, Brent! I'm so glad that God chose us for each other!

There's no one else I'd rather walk through life with!


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! How are you? I miss you...feels like we're not connecting as much right now. It's ok though....we will again. We still don't know what is up with the house! Ahhhh...God is so faithful...we have peace...but I sure would like to know. I'm going to try and call you this week.
Love you so much,

Cindy said...

Oh, how beautiful - then and now! Happy Anniversary!