Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Build-a-Bear fun!

One of Jaden's birthday gifts was a gift card to Build-a-Bear Workshop . . . he's never been before! So today was the day!

After picking out their new friends -- a dog for Lael and a bear for Jaden -- the first stop was to add the stuffing (Lael went first to show Jaden the ropes)

Next, they had to add a satin heart . . . but first, the store employee asked the kids to touch the heart to their foreheads (so their friends would be smart), to their noses (so they'd be cute), to their cheeks (so they'd be happy) . . . Jaden just thought she was silly!

After that, their new friends were closed up and ready for . . .

. . . an air bath!Next on the agenda . . . picking out an outfit -- talk about a hard job (particularly for Jaden)! There were just too many choices! Finally we were ready for the last step: filling out birth certificates for the new members of our family.

New friends in hand, we headed home!
Please allow me to introduce our two new friends . . . Dimples (the bear) and Sallie (the dog)!
Sallie got her name because the first time Lael ever went to Build-a-Bear Workshop, she made a dalmation dog named Dallie and she wanted her two dogs to have rhyming names.And where did Jaden get the name "Dimples"? Well, besides the fact that Jaden has the best dimples I've ever seen, that was the name given to this particular bear at Build-a-Bear Workshop, and Jaden liked it!

So, there you have it -- Jaden's final birthday celebration for this year (at least, I think we're done now)! Happy, happy birthday to you, Jaden!

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