Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Celebrating Easter and Passover

We had a wonderful time during the Holy Week focusing on the love of God and the sacrifice of our Savior. We incorporated a couple of wonderful books into this week of celebration and remembrance.

Mrs. Katz and Tush introduced us to Passover and a yummy dish called kugel (more about that later).We used Benjamin's Box along with our Resurrection Eggs to remind us of the significant events of Holy Week in the life of Jesus.And The Legend of the Three Trees is a beautiful story which reminds us to trust God with the dreams that we have for our lives . . . because His plans for us are so much better than those that we have for ourselves!

On Thursday night, we had a mini-Passover of sorts. It wasn't a full Seder meal; I hope to try that next year. We had watched a program about Passover and some of the symbolism of the different aspects. We began by washing our hands . . .
. . . and then we enjoyed a meal of matzo, kugel (ours had cheese, noodles and raisins -- it sounds kind of strange, but it was so yummy!)
. . . applesauce and latkes (we used Rachael Ray's recipe, which you can find here -- it was YUMMO!). Jaden tried the bitter herbs dipped in salty water and decided he didn't like that part so much! (Lael wasn't quite so brave.)
Friday morning we had a very special time together as a family sharing communion and washing each other's feet.
Then Saturday, after an Easter egg hunt at church, we got together with Daddy's family for an Easter dinner. Making that time extra special was the fact that we were able to see cousin Carrie again! She's grown alot in the past three and a half months!
Isn't she sooooo cute! (Okay, both girls are cute!)
Easter Sunday, Lael and Jaden were part of the children's bell choir.
And here we are!
The Martin men . . .
. . . the ladies of the house,
. . . and here's the whole family!
We pray that you had a BLESSED Easter and that you are walking in RESURRECTION POWER! Jesus is alive!!!!

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