Wednesday, March 18, 2009

St. Patrick's Day fun!

So . . . yesterday was St. Patrick's Day . . . and what did we do to celebrate?

Well, since you asked ;-) . . .

This week we are reading a book by Tomie de Paola entitled Patrick, Patron Saint of Ireland. It's a wonderful story which tells about Patrick and his call to be a missionary in Ireland.
Last week we decorated some shamrocks . . . did you know that St. Patrick used the shamrock to explain the concept of the Trinity? Just like there is one stem with three distinct leaf-shapes, we serve one God in three distinct Persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
We hung our decorated shamrocks on the front window of the house.
We began our day with green smoothies for breakfast -- so yummy! (Thanks to Linda for the suggestion.) The kids loved them so much they asked for them today as well!
We are working on a lapbook about Saint Patrick, as well as Ireland . . . stay tuned for pics of that soon. We also took a break and watched a Veggie Tales version of the story of Saint Patrick. If you've never seen it, you can check it out here.
Then for dinner, we had . . .

Irish soda bread
and Irish stew!
It was a fun day all around!
(However, Jaden was a bit disappointed that today wasn't a "special day" too -- instead of just a Wednesday!)

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