Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My daughter the author!

Lael is becoming quite the author! She wrote two books yesterday -- on her own in her free time! Being the proud mommy that I am, I thought I'd share her stories. These are her own words - we still need to work on the mechanics, but I'm so proud of her!

Story #1: The Cat that Would not Sleep by Lael

One day A boy went to the pet store and took a cat home.

The next day The boy took The cat for a walk to the park and they played in the park. but that night the cat would not sleep he played with his ball of string and played with his ball. The next day he went to sleep.

The End

Story #2: The dog that could not find his bone

One day spark the dog could not find his bone. he looked in his hole. his bone was not there. Spark was sad he called the dog helper and told him every thing he knowed and then he saw his buddy and in his buddy's paw he saw his bone

The End

I wish I could share the illustrations with you -- they are so cute!

Yay, Lael . . . I'm so proud of you! And I can't wait to read what you write about next!


Tricia said...

Way to go Lael! Those are great stories! I'll have to let my daughter (who is about 8 months older than you) see that it really is possible to write more than a few sentences! :)

Tricia O (FIAR friend)

ctf said...

Great job Lael. I started writing when I was young and still love it! I've even gotten to have some things published. I remember writing one of my first poems in the first grade and I've saved a lot of the stories I wrote when I was a little girl. ENJOY!!! Words are fun.

Diana said...

Lael! You are an awesome author! These are so great! I wish I could see the illustrations too! Keep it up!