Friday, February 6, 2009

Dinner theater, anyone?

Jaden decided to put on a dinner theater for us all on Tuesday night. Now, I had planned a baked potato bar for dinner -- not exactly dinner theater food -- but we worked with it!

Here is the star of the show (and only actor) on stage . . . he's a pirate in case you couldn't tell!
Our make-shift baked potato buffetDaddy is enjoying "dinner and a show"!
And here is Pirate Jaden, looking very pirate-y and fierce!
The vast majority of the show consisted of Jaden swinging various swords around and saying "Arrrr" in genuine pirate fashion. (We tried to get him to sing a song or something, but he declined our request.)
So there you have it . . . dinner and entertainment! You can't ask for any more than that! Jaden will be taking requests for performances in the future. He is willing to travel . . . all that he asks is for help with transportation -- since he doesn't drive -- and that you feed him . . . but don't worry, he still doesn't eat that much . . . yet!

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