Tuesday, December 16, 2008

First visit to see the Nutcracker!

Lael was surprised on Saturday with a trip to Symphony Hall to see the Nutcracker! We had attended a program at our library at the beginning of the month featuring some of the dancers from the local reparatory dance company. The dancer who played Clara read the story of the Nutcracker to the children, then the dancers shared some of the dances from the ballet with the children -- they even got the children up to participate with them.

Ever since that visit, Lael has talked about the Nutcracker ballet and wanting to see it "someday" -- little did she know how soon "someday" would come!

Here she is -- all ready to go -- but she doesn't yet know where she's going!
(We waited to tell her until we were ready to climb into the car.)

Lael and our special friend "Miss Pat" waiting for the ballet to begin -- this trip came about at Miss Pat's invitation!

The cast at the curtain call! They were magnificent!
Lael's favorite character was Clara -- partly because she had been able to meet her at the library program. She also loved watching the Sugar Plum Fairy dance.
Lael's favorite scenes: The battle between the toy soldiers and the mice, as well as the dance with the Snow Queen and the snowflakes (that was Mommy's favorite also)
What a wonderful, memory-making time! Thanks so much, Miss Pat, for such a special afternoon.

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ctf said...

What a priceless memory!