Monday, November 10, 2008

Hermit crab habitat renovations

Well, Poppy and Jason have officially been part of our family for one month (Happy Anniversary, guys!) To celebrate, we visited a pet store to pick up some accessories to make their home more fun! Then while Daddy took Lael to ballet class tonight, Jaden and I worked on our pets' home.

Here is my eager assistant, ready to begin!
We added new aquarium stones -- a much thicker layer so they can burrow down in the rocks if they want to (and isn't it a pretty color!). We also purchased the climbing apparatus, a deeper water dish and larger shells for them to move into as they grow.After we put the crabs back into their new home, both of them checked everything out . . . especially the corners (still trying to figure out what's so fascinating there).
Poppy is our climber! Here he is exploring the new climbing apparatus -- he's pretty daring, even hanging over the edge a bit!
Jason enjoyed hanging out at the new water dish. He also spent quite a bit of time rearranging everything we so carefully placed -- I guess he didn't think very highly of our layout design!
We learned a few interesting hermit crab tidbits today, including:
  • Hermit crabs enjoy periodic treats like coconut, popcorn and PEANUT BUTTER!
  • Hermit crabs like playing hide and seek -- and they need peace and quiet sometimes (not sure how much of that they get around here).
  • Some hermit crabs have been kept in homes as pets for over 20 YEARS (our kids will be out of college by then)!

    So that's our pet update . . . one month later, and the hermit crabs are surviving and thriving! (Whew!)

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ctf said...

Wow, I think even I could keep a hermit crab alive. :) It's so fun to read about (and see pictures of) all your fun adventures.