Thursday, October 2, 2008

What's going on at GodSeekers Academy this week?

This week we are studying the ocean in preparation for our family vacation which is coming up! (Yay!) We are reading a wonderful book called Atlantic, which is told by the Atlantic Ocean in the first person -- we've had lots of fun discussions about personification with this book! In addition, we've been looking at different shells and seeing their similarities and differences. Hopefully we will be able to add to our shell collection on vacation!

Yesterday we were looking at a book of seascapes by different artists. We really liked this one by Gustave Courbet called Lake Leman at Sunset.

We discovered that Courbet thickened the bright red paint with sand to give texture to his painting and make it look more like waves, so we tried that ourselves.
This is Jaden's painting of a storm "that messed everything up" (his words).
Lael really wanted to put reflections and shadows in her painting like other artists she has seen. If you look carefully, you can see the sun reflecting on the water and the shadow of the boat as well.
And here's Mommy's attempt . . . I really enjoyed using the sand paint; it added fun texture!

Today we're going to do an experiment with evaporation -- which will be a great review of the water cycle that we learned about last year. We are also going to do some salt water painting -- painting with heavily-salted water on black paper, then using a blow dryer to evaporate the water and reveal the salt crystals. The kids can't wait for that!

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