Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Introducing Poppy and Jason!

We are now a family of five! That's right, we added two hermit crabs to our family while we were on vacation! Lael and Jaden have been wanting a pet for absolute ages -- Lael says for her whole life ;) Anyway, while we were on vacation, we saw these little friends at a store and decided to bring them home with us!

This is Poppy . . . Lael's little buddy
And this is Jaden's hermit crab Jason
They really enjoy it when we take them out of their cages and let them crawl around on the floor. The kids made a play yard with the blocks so their crabs can get some exercise and play together. Jason has already changed shells since we got him on Friday! (But he switched during the night, so we missed it . . . too bad!) Poppy is the more active crab during the day, but Jason is a "night crab" -- doing a lot of his moving around after the kids go to sleep. We are excited to get to know our little friends better in the days to come!

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