Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fun with friends

We had a visit last week from some special friends! While they were visiting, we did a tissue paper art project . . . lots of fun!

Here are our friends working hard on their projects!
Jaden is busy adding squares of tissue paper to his fall leaf outline that he first "painted" with water.
Once the tissue paper was on and completely wet, we let it dry before removing the tissue paper pieces.

And here are the finished projects . . .

It's looking more and more like fall every day! I'm hoping that we can go for a nature walk at the end of this week and pick up some fall leaves . . . both Lael and Jaden have been fascinated by the vibrant colors we've seen around us so far! Our God is so creative, and He's made such a beautiful world for us to enjoy!

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ctf said...

I never tried that with tissue paper before...very cool. Yay fall!!!